Friday Flush, Issue 4

Folks, today I will cover the grooviest man alive at the intersection of jazz and toilets, John Hollenbeck.  The composer/drummer has contributed solid coverage of the best toilets to the jazz community at large in his 2010 review.  Below is just one of his descriptions of the top eight toilets (and urinals) from around the globe.  Don’t miss out on the full article from Ethan Iverson’s blog!

Karlsruhe Jazz Club in Germany (image courtesy of



Keramag – Karlsruhe Jazz Club, Germany: Can’t go wrong with a nice green background! Keramag’s hipness creates a comfortable atmosphere where one can easily get in a “zone”.



A little birdie told me that Hollenbeck even had a Claudia Quintet album in the works with tracks named after toilets.  Righteous.  Unfortunately, the toilet companies shut that project down.

Mr. Hollenbeck, sir, keep up the good fight.


[EDIT] Dude, I saw that the Claudia Quintet released an album with some of the tracks named after toilet models after all.  Pick up a copy of Royal Toast to get hip to “Crane Merit,” “American Standard” and more.


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3 Comments on “Friday Flush, Issue 4”

  1. melody says:

    hahaha! wow, i don’t say this often, but those are really urinals!

  2. maryjobole says:

    Greetings, I JUST finished my toilet opus “Toilet Worship”, there is information on my website, but Logan Elm Press published it, I would love to upload images, is there a way to do this? Sincerely & with a love of toilets, MJ Bole

  3. voicekwon says:

    Dear MJ,
    I don’t think there is a way to upload images here but feel free to email jazztoilet at gmail with the links.