Friday Flush, Issue 2

Hey dudes and dudettes—I’m back for the second issue of Friday Flush!

It hasn’t been easy keeping this beach body solid with so many happening barbeques in July.  And you know what a lot of hot dogs and burgers mean … more toilet usage.  Ever wonder what happens after you flush?

Courtesy of John Metcalfe, The Atlantic CitiesFirst, the water goes through sewer pipes to your city’s wastewater plant.  Then, it goes under various levels of treatment until released into the local stream.  FYI—flushing Kleenex, sanitary napkins and other junk is uncool, man.  Read The Atlantic Cities article by John Metcalfe here.

Anyway, my summer has been just phenomenal so far.  I watched the documentary Still Bill on the soul brother Bill Withers and found out that he had a job making toilets for 747 aircrafts before he became an American icon.  Right on.  I get stoked about stuff, while seating and thinking on the toilet seat; actually making toilets must be a whole other level of magic.

In Bill’s own words: “I installed cameras in those toilets … So if you’ve ever been to the bathroom on a 747, I know you very well—you understand?”

I want to give a shout-out to everyone that has sent suggestions for future flushes through email, facebook and twitter.  Keep them coming and you can comment below too!

Staff writer/model Ken® has appeared in the short, Hawaiian Vacation (2011), and numerous other features, making his first appearance in the 60′s.  He has been named (the boyfriend of) one of the most influential cultural icons of the century and is a true renaissance man, with skills ranging from leading safaris in the wild to shaving without gel in the concrete jungle.  Ken® currently resides in Manhattan but vacations frequently at his dream house in Malibu.

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  1. jenn says:

    I appreciate hearing things from your perspective, Ken! Please continue to write such charming posts.