Introducing Ken®

Ken® by the Brooklyn BridgeYou have probably met Ken® before.  He will be joining the JAZZ TOILET team to model in photos, so that you have a point of reference for the dimensions of the restrooms.  He is about a foot tall, as you can observe in the photo to the left.

You may think him to be a gratuitous addition since most toilets are of a standard size, giving you an idea of the size of each stall.  But he can serve as an additional point of measurement and accompany me on my assignments, since our men’s room correspondent, Kevin Mac, cannot be present at all locations.  Ke(vi)n: a tall, blond & blue-eyed man—they’re practically the same person.  Plus, when else will I be able to have such a white male of privilege working under my direction?

In addition, Ken® brings with him years of expertise in multiple fields, including in languages; he is a polyglot that can speak many languages, from Azerbaijani to Zulu.  We are excited to have him on board.  Below is a video clip of Ken® with a brief statement for us in English.