Friday Flush, Issue 6

I'm conforming to iWorld.Hey dudes and dudettes, I have exciting news for you all.

Check out my new digs—a pinstripe suit from our publication advisers Angela and Casey with a pair of navy oxfords to match!  Casey also got me what he thought was a “murse” but I think it’s a slightly oversized wallet.

Not only that, they got me a new iPhone.  What more could a toy ask for?  I want to give a shout-out and say thanks Casey and Angela!  You two are just far out.

Catch me in my new suit at our editor-in-chief’s commencement ceremony today, the upcoming summer weddings and the snazzier jazz clubs.

Glad for friends who get fashion.

This is my better side.








Staff writer/model Ken® has appeared in the short, Hawaiian Vacation (2011), and numerous other features, making his first appearance in the 60′s.  He has been named (the boyfriend of) one of the most influential cultural icons of the century and is a true renaissance man, with skills ranging from leading safaris in the wild to shaving without gel in the concrete jungle.  Ken® currently resides in Manhattan but vacations frequently at his dream house in Malibu.